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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

- George Bernard
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About Hall of Fame


All participants meeting the requirements of LiemersCollegeAward get their LCAward plus certificate in the Theatre of Dreams. Besides, they are automatically raised to  LCAmbassadorship.


Hall of Fame

LCAmbassadors are portrayed by our LCAphotographer Vincent Baake shortly before the ceremony. Their portraits are displayed in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is to be visited on Facebook and on our website www.liemerscollegeaward.nl and in our main school building at Heerenmaten 6, Zevenaar , the Netherlands. 

Link to LCA Hall of Fame facebook page.


LCAmbassadors honoraires is the title awarded to those who have made extraordinary effort in facilitating our participants getting an Award.

The Gambia: Handen ineen voor Gambia: Herbert Damen en Henk Hendriks. Kenya: Cycling out of Poverty: Luuk Eickmans. Kenya: Yvonne Matiba-Polman. Kenya: Foundation Fahari: Bas & Lae-Titia Giling. Indonesia: Stichting Kehidupan-Anda: Paul Meijer en Yvonne Jacobs.Oeganda: HomeSweetHomeUganda: Suzan Otim. Tanzania: Dinka: Kimberley Zandvliet. Ethiopia: Fair2Travel: Caroline de Greeff en Getinet Seymour. Guatemala: Casa Buho: Peter& Herminda H√∂rmander.

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