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Committee of Recommendation

Prominent members of Dutch society have expressed their support for LCA and are willing to act on our behalf.

Former Representative of the King in Gelderland Mr. Clemens Cornielje.

Mayor of Zevenaar Mr. Luciën van Riswijk.

Former Mayor of Zevenaar Ms Ella Schadd-de Boer.

Former Mayor of Zevenaar Mr. Jan de Ruiter.

Mayor of Montferland Mr.Peter de Baat.

Former Mayor of Montferland Ms. Ina Leppink.

Paralympic Champion Jiske Griffioen.

Former Mayor of Rijnwaarden Mr. Mark Slinkman.

Chairperson of the Board of Quadraam Education Ms Erika Diender.

Chairman of the Board of Liemers College Mr. Maarten Deler.

Grandmother Barack Obama, former president of the USA.

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